Friday, October 3, 2008

Taco Tuesdays

I can honestly say that I am the happiest Ive been in quite some time. No, nothing special or amazing happened. But, do you ever step back and see what you have? I did that this week. So contrary to my last post, this one is chipper! I've been hanging out with my friend Dan alot, and the more we get together the more and more I appreciate him as a person. We knew of each other in high school, pretty much ran with the same crowd but never really clicked. I am glad to call him my friend. He is a genuinely nice guy with a huge heart. He appreciates me for me. He doesn't point out stupid things about me nor does he treat me like a disposable friend. (You know, the kind that you hang out with just because they are there) We have nice talks over cold beer, and we have made Tuesdays nights our night out. We do Taco Tuesday, starting at Cooks Corner mainly because their pitchers are only $8, but they also have damn good tacos. From their we head over to Tortilla Flats where our friend Kam Djs. Not my type of music but hey, I've known Kam since 4th grade, and what ever we spend at the bar he gets a portion. Anyways, Do you ever have that one friend where you know that no matter what you say,do or confess you know that they will still love you. That's Dan. He says he appreciates my morals and the fact that I have self respect. (Side note) We were at a party together and he brought to my attention that one of the girls there, well...lets just say shes like a bicycle... And the majority of the guys have gone for a spin. So he wanted to let me know that he likes that I am not like her and that when they do try to come on to me I shoot them down. He says it shows moral upstanding. I just call it common sense. But hey, I guess its how you were brought up. Ok back on track..... Dan yes, Dan. He is one of my favorite people... Mom, you'll get this, He's like Taylor, but more of a man hahahaa.

Anyways, its Friday and I have no plans. Zero. Zilch. Zip. NADA.

But ya know what? I DONT CARE! Anywho..... to whom it may concern, have a good weekend!!

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